Kristin Weeks Duncanson


Kristin Weeks Duncanson

Kristin Weeks Duncanson is owner and partner of Duncanson Growers, a diversified family farm in South Central Minnesota. The operation includes corn, soybeans, vegetables, cattle and hog production.

Additionally, Weeks Duncanson owns a consulting firm, Ag Issues Management. Previously she served as the marketing manger for Hubbard Milling Company and a legislative assistant for former Minnesota U.S. Sen. Rudy Boschwitz.

Weeks Duncanson values membership in Agri-Growth because it offers her the ability to network with the larger Minnesota agricultural community, as well as an opportunity to stay connected with the State Legislature.

She is a past president of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, former director of the American Soybean Association and a member of most Minnesota commodity groups. Weeks Duncanson is also a member of the Agricultural Carbon Market Working Group and serves on a number of other task forces and boards. As a resident of Mapleton, Minn., she is active in the St. John Church Council. Kristin earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in political science and communications from Luther College and is a native of Wayzata, Minnesota.