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  • March Newsletter Published
  • Have you heard of the MN Youth Institute?
    • Recently the Star Tribune published a story about the dwindling supply of ag teachers in the Midwest. What better way to help students and future employees of the food and ag industry excel than by supporting this program? Here's how you can help:
      • Contact Mary Kay if you're interested in serving as a volunteer or expert at the Minnesota event. Volunteers will help read and score papers, and conduct interviews.
      • Inform high school teachers and students in your community and help spread the word about this phenomenal program.
      • Contact Mary Kay if you or your company is interested in supporting the scholarship program offered to participants of the Minnesota Youth Institute.
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Organization: Red River Farm Network

Location: Headquartered in Grand Forks, ND, and heard on radio sets throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

The Red River Farm Network broadcasts across 18 network affiliates in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, was founded in 1995. They strive to “Report Agriculture’s Business” by rising early to write and broadcast the news from 6:30 to 7:00a.m. through their Country Morning program, four 5-minute morning market updates, Agriculture Today from 12:30 to 1:00p.m., and a closing market summary at 1:30 p.m. We talked with Don Wick, co-owner and broadcaster at RRFN, and member of the Minnesota Agri-Growth CouncilBoard of Directors.

Q & A with Don Wick, Co-Owner:

What makes RRFN Different?

Our philosophy is to do everything we can to deliver information to our audience. Radio is our bread and butter, but we’ve expanded into other mediums to get information to farmers. You can see that through our weekly e-newsletter, the two magazines we produce – North Dakota Soybean
Grower and Northarvest Bean Growers Association’s Bean Grower – and, more recently, our smartphone app. Farmers are more mobile now than they were 11 years ago when I started at RRFN, so we need to be able to serve that need.

To do this, we utilize four farm broadcasters, including myself, Mike Hergert, my partner as co-owner of Red River Farm Network, Randy Koenen, and Jody Heemstra. We put in a lot of windshield time to make events in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, and travel nationally and internationally. We need to be where the news is happening.

Our focus is pocketbook issues. Our stories concentrate on market-sensitive news, the policy news coming out of places like St. Paul and Washington, DC.

How do you choose what to cover?

Farmers are information junkies, so our philosophy on ‘Reporting Agriculture’s Business’ determines the agricultural journalism we produce. It’s all about content.

Why is Minnesota Agri-Growth Council membership important to the Red River Farm Network?

The Minnesota Agri-Growth Council is the “big-tent” where you can find everyone in Minnesota agriculture. For that reason, we’ve always attended the MAGC’s annual meeting each fall. It’s a newsworthy event with the who’s who in Minnesota agriculture. As I said before, our content creation quality is based on relationships. We saw joining MAGC as an investment to network with Minnesota agriculture’s thought leaders.

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