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April Newsletter Published

Minnesota Agri-Growth Council is hiring a Director of Membership and Development!

Job Description

The ideal candidate for the Director of Membership and Development position will possess a solid understanding of the issues impacting the agriculture and food sector, strong organizational and project management skills, experience in implementing successful membership development and retention strategies, experience in event planning, strong financial management skills, effective communication and interpersonal skills, an ability to establish and meet deadlines, a desire to serve member needs, and an enthusiasm for continuous learning and professional development.

This position requires:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Communications, Marketing, or related field and a minimum of 2-4 years of business, government, or non-profit experience

  • Solid understanding of the issues and trends affecting the agriculture and food sector

  • Experience in implementing successful membership retention and growth strategies

  • Experience with event planning and coordination – working with vendors, sponsors, etc.

  • Basic understanding of accounting and financial reporting principles, and tracking financial information of the organization, including budgets, accounts receivable/payable, credit card statements, banking information, and profit and loss (P&L) statements (duties supported by a bookkeeper)

  • Excellent computer skills, including QuickBooks, Word, Excel, Power Point

  • Supervising of bookkeeper, and other contractors and vendors

  • Experience in handling confidential information

  • Ability to work effectively and as a team in a small office environment

  • Ability to represent the organization at various meetings and events

  • Understanding of public policy and state/federal governmental processes is preferred

    Competitive compensation and benefits, including health insurance, 401 (k), and merit-based bonus. Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter through Jobscore.com by Friday, May 16th, 2014.


Organization: Northern Crops Institute

Location: Fargo, North Dakota

Northern Crops Institute (NCI) was established in 1982 through the efforts of North Dakota wheat producers who needed a better way to showcase their crops to international buyers. NCI was later expanded to include producers in South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana. The first classes and technical services were offered in 1983. NCI provides technical and marketing assistance through specialized training courses and technical services that facilitate domestic and international market development and expanded sales of northern grown crops. Representatives from more than 130 countries have visited NCI since its inception. Northern Crops Institute is located on the campus of North Dakota State University.

NCI’s executive director is Mark Weber, whose previous experience includes serving as the executive director for the Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association and executive director of the North Dakota Soybean Council.


Scope of Organization

Northern Crops Institute is an international meeting and learning center that brings together customers, commodity traders, technical experts, agricultural producers, and food and industrial processors for education, discussion and technical services. NCI is a unique cooperative effort between North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota. The staff of NCI works to support the promotion, market development and expanded sales of crops grown in this four-state region.


Q and A with the Northern Crops Institute:

How is your organization funded?

About half of the funding for the Northern Crops Institute comes from the North Dakota State Legislature. The remainder comes from the state legislatures of Minnesota and South Dakota, and from the commodity producer checkoff groups in those three states and Montana.


What is new with your organization?

The NCI was originally built by the wheat industry in this region. Since then, this region has seen a significant increase in corn, soybean and pulse crops. The NCI is responding accordingly by providing increased educational programing and technical services offered to those industries. We hope to complete a nearly $900,000 equipment update at our feed production center. The feed center was built in in 1990 and has not had a major update. This effort is in response to growing demand for soybeans, corn, barley used for feed in Southeast Asia and China. Our region is only two days away by rail to the Pacific Northwest where the majority of this region’s crop leaves for export markets. NCI is also hosting more risk management educational courses for our foreign buyers.


What are key trends affecting your industry? How so?

Both buyers and producers are getting more sophisticated. Buyers are requesting crops with very specific functional characteristics that may not even be included in the present grain grading system. Producers can respond to customers by delivering those crops. The NCI is increasingly being called upon to provide this kind of information between buyer and seller.


What are your legislative priorities?

Our mission focuses on market development and therefore we do not get involved in farm policy or trade policy lobbying, except to secure NCI program funding through our respective state legislatures.


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