AgriGrowth Advocacy

We serve as a convener, advocate and thought leader by creating common ground solutions that move the food and agriculture industry forward.

Our Advocacy Work

Backed by over fifty years of experience as a thought leader, influencer and independent voice for the agriculture and food industry, AgriGrowth has earned a reputation as a credible and trustworthy source of information for key influencers, policy makers and within the industry itself.

Our advocacy work is characterized by the following:


AgriGrowth events serve as a meeting place where our members can ask questions, have safe conversations and together, find solutions which move the broader discussion forward. The more informed and connected our members are, the more confidently and skillfully they can engage in telling the story of agriculture.


AgriGrowth works with member organizations to craft and distribute effective messaging aimed at driving the broader conversations around our shared interests.


Member organizations and their employees gain access to key influencers, key policy information and opportunities for involvement; all of which are needed to assist the industry in moving forward.


Our members don’t need to be headquartered in Minnesota to realize value from membership. AgriGrowth’s accomplishments, knowledge and independent voice amplifies our members’ influence and voice. Because our job is to be on top of industry-wide issues 365 days a year, our members can focus more time on running their business.

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