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Agriculture and food is a vibrant, exciting industry, offering numerous opportunities for jobseekers to find a meaningful and fulfilling career. Agriculture, food and natural resources (AFNR), as it's often referred to in academia and career guidance, provides fuel, food and fiber for people across the globe. Despite this noble goal pursued over generations, many of our employers are struggling to find the next generation of talent.

  • How do employers grow, retain and train their workforce?
  • How does the industry share and communicate the diverse opportunities available in AFNR?
  •  How do we connect jobs to talent?

Our industry works diligently every day to answer these questions. Toward that end, and to ensure our industry can thrive, innovate and connect with the talent of tomorrow, a number of AFNR industry stakeholders are coming together to offer solutions and ideas.

Please explore our Ag Talent & Workforce Corner to learn more about opportunities in Minnesota’s agri-food industry, how the industry contributes to a strong, thriving Minnesota economy, and for employers, new ways to reach interested, qualified professionals of all ages.

If you're seeking career opportunities or want to learn more about the AFNR field, a good place to start  is Why Choose a Career in AFNR, Why Minnesota?, and Career Openings and Resources. If you're an employer, Finding Top Talent is a helpful resource. And if you want to learn more about agri-food and Minnesota, check out Why Minnesota? and Agri-Food and Minnesota's Economy.

For even more on the benefits of choosing an AFNR career, check out this infographic.

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