to Host Virtual Internship Workshops March 3rd & 4th

February 23, 2022

Internships can be a great resource for building an engaged pipeline of talent for your organization. Getting your internship program right is critical.

This two-part virtual e-workshop is being put on by

PART 1: ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of Successful Internship Programs
Thursday, March 3: 10-11 am Central
This two-part e-workshop series is a ‘can’t miss’ for those that are looking to develop an internship program or for those that need to re-assess some components within an existing internship program. Part 1 of the series will focus on tips for a successful program, including projects and virtual internships. With a wealth of knowledge and feedback from interns throughout the agriculture industry, will share what interns are saying organizations are getting wrong and what they are doing right. Learn how to overcome those destructive practices and identify ways to build on areas of strength. This session will provide unique solutions and advice directly relayed from today’s students.

Part 2: Preparing Managers for a Successful Internship
Friday, March 4: 10-11 am Central
Part two of this internship e-workshop deals with those responsible for managing or interacting with interns. These personal interactions can make or break the internship for the student, further complicated in virtual, remote, or socially distanced environments. Understanding the manager’s or mentor’s critical role in contributing to the success of the internship program is often overlooked. We'll dive deeper into a toolkit and tips specifically for managers and mentors of interns that can help to form a productive working relationship. Our presenter will also help us examine our process and programs from a diversity, equity and inclusion perspective so managers can recruit diverse talent and effectively relay the company culture to interns. When students share their experiences, you want them to say good things about their internship; the manager/mentor relationship plays a major role in influencing the overall experience.

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