A Message from the Executive Director

March 27, 2020
Tamara Nelsen: AgriGrowth's Executive Director

Enough of the bad news, it’s time for a little good news!  This is the week designated as National Ag Week; something you may have missed with all of the negative news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. More importantly, today is National Ag Day organized by the Agriculture Council of America – a nonprofit organization comprised of leaders in the ag, food, and fiber community (most of whom are also our members). We are fortunate to work in such a great industry, filled with passionate, dedicated, hard-working professionals; groups that stick together, individuals who don’t give up. Take a moment to celebrate and to thank your peers.

On behalf of AgriGrowth, THANK YOU to those who’ve sent in ideas for priority actions to help our industry at the state and national level. We have actively communicated those to our leaders and will continue to do so. Many recommended actions have already been approved at the state and federal level, with more to come.

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