AgriGrowth and EDF Convene Climate-Smart Ag and Finance Roundtable

April 14, 2023

Minnesota farmers and agri-food producers are committed to being good stewards of our land and environment. From cover crops to regenerative agriculture, our industry is implementing meaningful, science-based practices to address climate change. In many cases, Minnesota is leading the way in collecting and analyzing needed data to foster incentives and practices that work for farmers and the agri-food chain.  

To further inform our farm financial and economic methods, AgriGrowth and EDF convened a Climate-Smart Ag and Finance Roundtable of farmers, lenders, agri-food processors, academics, and state and federal agency leaders with the following objectives:

1. Show what we’ve learned from various climate-smart ag pilot projects in Minnesota,

2.  Assess what we’ve learned from various climate-smart ag pilot projects in Minnesota, and

3. Understand how various projects impact farm economics.

Participants also explored whether Minnesota might provide the model for agriculture across the nation, implementing best practices and data gathering that can inform similar efforts in diverse regions and farm economies.

What was clear in our conversation is that every farm is different, so having data that is customizable to inform sustainable practices is critical. There is no one-size-fits-all model for all farmers, but farmers are all committed to doing what’s best to protect our environment and grow the food, fuel, and fiber our country needs.

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