AgriGrowth Executive Director Tamara Nelsen Announces Retirement

January 29, 2024

Saint Paul, MINN. -- The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council (AgriGrowth), a nonprofit, nonpartisan member organization representing the agriculture and food industry, announced today that Executive Director Tamara Nelsen will retire in 2024. Nelsen has served as AgriGrowth’s Executive Director since February 2019, and will continue to serve the organization as the Board of Directors seeks her replacement. 

“On behalf of the AgriGrowth Board, I want to thank Tamara for her leadership and advocacy on behalf of our members. She helped strengthen the foundation of our trusted organization and is an unyielding voice for agri-food in Minnesota,” said Sheryl Meshke, AgriGrowth’s Board Chair. “We are incredibly thankful for her leadership, and look forward to welcoming our next executive director. Together, we will continue to champion policies that support a strong agri-food economy in Minnesota.”

Under Nelsen’s leadership, AgriGrowth enhanced its role as an influential voice for agri-food by implementing a strategic plan that better serves its membership and future advocacy and programs. Another major accomplishment was convening more than two dozen stakeholders across the industry to complete the first ever economic contribution of agri-food study for Minnesota. Nelsen also effectively implemented projects to address key challenges in the industry including talent and workforce, cyber security, climate-smart agricultural opportunities, expanded exports and trade, and better informing legislators and consumers about agri-food.   

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as AgriGrowth’s Executive Director, and dedicate my career to an industry that provides the food, fuel and fiber our world needs,” said Nelsen. “AgriGrowth has been a leading voice for our industry since 1968, and having the opportunity to build upon that work is a highlight of my career.”

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