IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: AgriGrowth Opinion Editorial “Food-chain workers are behind-the-scenes heroes in pandemic”

March 22, 2021

Saint Paul, MINN. – In case you missed it, Tamara Nelsen, the Executive Director of AgriGrowth published an opinion editorial in the Sunday Duluth News Tribune: Food-chain workers are behind-the-scenes heroes in pandemic. On the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nelsen reflects on how the agri-food industry adapted, innovated and prioritized the health and safety of frontline workers across the food supply chain.


                                                                                             Read it here: Food-chain workers are behind-the-scenes heroes in pandemic


“Throughout the pandemic, the No.1 priority I heard from every agri-food organization was protecting their workforce and stopping the spread of COVID-19. No plant, processor, or business can function well if employees aren’t healthy or don’t feel safe,” said Nelsen in her column. “Agri-food boasts thousands of essential workers in every corner of our state, and our members developed numerous new policies, greater flexibility for essential workers, and rigorous safety protocols to keep workers safe.”


Additionally, on Friday, Governor Tim Walz announced a new Committee on the Safety, Health, and Wellbeing of Agricultural and Food Processing Workers, appointing AgriGrowth’s Nelsen to the committee.  


You can learn more about the governor’s committee in an AgriGrowth press release here. You can learn more about AgriGrowth and its members at




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