Kicking Off 2023 with AgriGrowth's New Director of Strategic Engagement

January 4, 2023

Dear AgriGrowth Members -

I wanted to officially introduce myself. My name is Nikki Deyle, and I am AgriGrowth's new Director of Strategic Engagement. I joined AgriGrowth in November (my first day was the 2022 Minnesota Ag & Food Summit!). Having been part of the AgriGrowth team from 2005-2008, I am incredibly excited to be back with the team, reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting many new folks as well.

My role is focused on member engagement - understanding and meeting your needs, expanding our reach as an organization by retaining and growing our membership, and ensuring AgriGrowth is convening diverse voices across agri-food. I am passionate about building a strong, robust agri-food industry that leads!

I have already met many of you, and I know I will be talking to many more of you as we dive into 2023! Your ideas and input are valuable - I want to hear from you! My email is

Looking forward to a great 2023!

- Nikki

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