New Member Spotlight: ADM

January 7, 2022

Organization name: ADM

Website:                     Twitter:  @ADMupdates

What  industry/sector do you identify with?  ADM is a global leader in nutrition, unlocking the power of nature to give customers an edge in solving global nutrition challenges of today and tomorrow.

Number  of employees, member patrons, growers, shareholders etc. in Minnesota: ADM was founded in 1902 with the first manufacturing facility in Red Wing, MN! We have over 250 employees based in Minnesota and 33,000 employees globally.

What about your organization or company’s work are you most proud of? We transform natural products into a complete portfolio of ingredients and flavors for foods and beverages, supplements, nutrition for pets and livestock, and more. And with an array of unparalleled capabilities across every part of the global food chain, we give our customers an edge in solving global challenges of today and tomorrow. We do this work as safely as possible!

Please highlight key trends affecting your industry.

These are 8 key trends that are fueling ADM Growth:

1.      Nourishment for the Whole Self

2.      Plant-Based Lifestyle

3.      MicroBiomes as the Root of Wellness

4.      Clean & Transparent Sourcing

5.      Humanization of Pets

6.      Precise and Responsible Animal Feeding

7.      Sustainable Goodness

8.      Advanced Renewables & BioSolutions

Talk  about the key opportunities & challenges facing your business over the next 5 years.

Global forces, growing tensions, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are causing consumers to continue to adjust their priorities and considerations as they try to establish a sense of normalcy – leading to a growing urgency for businesses to understand shifting expectations and behaviors. While no one can truly forecast the future, there are signals in the marketplace that make it possible to determine the direction in which things are headed as highlighted in the 8 key trends that are affecting our industry.


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