New Member Spotlight: Ellingson Companies

January 19, 2022

Organization Name: Ellingson Companies


Facebook:  @ellingsoncompanies   Twitter: @EllingsonCo

What industry/sector do you identify with? Contractor specializing in Agricultural and Trenchless Utility Services

Number of employees, member patrons, growers, shareholders etc. in Minnesota: 350

What  about your organization or company’s work are you most proud of? We started out 50+ years ago as an agricultural drain tile contractor and built the business to be the largest Water Management Contractor in the U.S., while diversifying our offerings by expanding into Trenchless Services like Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD), Pipe Plowing, Pipe Assessment, and rehab utilizing Cured In Place Technology.  Our highly trained and experienced team consistently provides customized solutions for our customers.

Please  highlight key trends affecting your industry. Agricultural commodities and land values tend to affect our Agricultural Business Group.  Oil and gas, renewable energy, and retail industry economies drive our other business units.  

Talk  about the key opportunities & challenges facing your business over the next 5 years. Like many other members, we will continue to have a lot of pressure having the workforce available to complete projects.  

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