New Member Spotlight: Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce

October 24, 2023

Name of Organization: Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce



X: @fmwfchamber

What industry/sector do you best identify with?

Associations & Non-Profits

Number of employees, member patrons, growers, shareholders, etc. in Minnesota:

25 employees, serving 1,800 member businesses in FMWF region

What about your organization or company's work are you most proud of?

The Chamber is a catalyst for growth and prosperity. We promote and protect business, inspire individuals, cultivate communities and influence action.

Cornerstones of work:

- Business Vitality

- Public Policy & Advocacy

- Workforce and Talent

- Community Enhancement

- Organizational Excellence

We are proud to work alongside our Chamber members and greater community to shape the future of our region. Your membership investment, trust and active engagement have allowed us to achieve remarkable milestones and create substantial, long-term impact for our members, community and region. We are firmly committed to you, our members and our community, and we proudly stand by your side as we work to achieve our mission of being a catalyst for growth and prosperity for the individuals, businesses and communities we serve.

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