New Member Spotlight: Pinion

October 17, 2023

Organization Name: Pinion



What industry/sector do you best identify with?

Health & Financial

Number of employees, member patrons, growers, shareholders, etc. in Minnesota?

About 100 MN current client growers have access to our 700+ Pinion employees in person or virtually as needed.

What about your organization or company's work are you most proud of?

Having knowledgeable business resources to provide multiple high value, tailored and unique solutions for almost any farm or ag-business operation. We simply help producers and ag businesses thrive.

Please highlight key trends affecting your industry.

Continued tax law and government program changes, aging farmers, increasing farm size and farm profitability volatility.

Please explain a few key opportunities & challenges your organization will face over the next 5 years.

Opportunities will be farmers needing to have a more efficient and reliable back-office solutions and an advising partner for transitional and or progressive growth. Challenges will be staying ahead of the continued evolving cyber security threats to our company and clients. Another challenge may be staying ahead of the demand for some of our services.

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