New Member Spotlight: Yost Farm

February 16, 2022

Organization Name: Yost Farm

Website:     Facebook:   @yostfarm    

Twitter:  @YostFarmInc  

What industry/sector do you identify with?

Farming/Production Agriculture

Number  of employees, member patrons, growers, shareholders etc. in Minnesota:

We have 14 full-time employees and approximately 20 seasonal employees.

What about your organization or company’s work are you most proud of?

That we have been farming in our community for  nearly 150 years.

Please highlight key trends affecting your industry.

Changing consumer preferences such as the trend toward consuming more plant-based proteins to driving electric vehicles. Regenerative farming and how farmers capture value from carbon sequestration practices. Blockchain technologies that provide greater transparency in the food  chain.  

Talk about the key opportunities & challenges facing your business over the next 5 years.

Growth opportunities focused on forming partnerships while potentially sacrificing independence. Are we as farmers willing to do both? The competition for attracting and retaining quality employees.  How does your farming operation differentiate itself from your neighbors and other ag-related businesses? Data  integration with a focus on quality over quantity.  

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