Statement from AgriGrowth on USMCA Trade Agreement Taking Effect Today

July 1, 2020

Saint Paul, MINN.—Today marks the official implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), a new trade deal replacing NAFTA.  AgriGrowth, a nonpartisan, nonprofit membership association representing the agriculture and food industry in Minnesota, was an advocate for the new trade agreement.

AgriGrowth Executive Director Tamara Nelsen shared the following statement about USCMA:

Today is an important day for Minnesota’s agri-food industry, and for our farmers, food producers, and manufacturers who help feed our nation and world. For Minnesota, Canada and Mexico are our two largest ag export markets, and this new agreement will expand our markets and ensure greater cooperation between our three nations. Especially now, free markets and trade are critical to our highly productive agri-food industry and a strong, healthy economy. With USCMA, we are turning the page to a positive new chapter for North America as trade partners and neighbors invested in shared prosperity.  

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