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We serve as a convener, advocate and thought leader by creating common ground solutions that move the food and agriculture industry forward.

Federal Public Policy Priorities 2024

AgriGrowth’s mission is to advocate for a positive business climate for Minnesota’s food and agriculture sector. Minnesota is a national leader in agriculture and food production; our state’s second largest economic driver. Strong rural communities are critical to the economic viability of our industry. Each year, AgriGrowth represents members’ interests with Minnesota’s congressional delegation and federal agencies. These priorities reflect highlights and not the full scope of our activities during the year.

Permitting, Energy Transition, and Climate Change

The next Farm Bill should maintain a strong farm safety net that includes a robust crop insurance program, funds voluntary conservation programs, and supports the next generation of farmers and rural communities.

Farm policy programs should:

     ▪ Be based on sound science and relevant accurate data,

     ▪ Maintain/enhance risk management tools that help farmers mitigate weather and market uncertainties,

     ▪ Continue to deliver important federal food and nutrition programs including SNAP,

     ▪ Promote use of Minnesota grown and processed foods,

     ▪ Provide resources to assist farmers in adapting voluntary practices that improve soil and water quality and enhance         climate resiliency.


- Comprehensive immigration reform and resulting policies that meet the workforce needs of essential farm, food, and energy producers. Continued federal inaction exacerbates the critical shortage of agri-food workers and threatens food, fiber, and fuel supply chains as well as U.S. food and energy security.

- Improvements to H-2A, TN, and other visa programs are overdue, threatening our domestic food supply and exports. Employers need greater access to immigrant workers for seasonal and year-round positions with a program that provides greater certainty through harmonized requirements, thus ending barriers and delays.

Markets and Trade

- Minnesota is the 4th largest agricultural exporting state in the U.S., exporting one-third of its total ag sales.

- New and expanded agri-food markets are essential to our sector’s growth and long-term competitiveness.

- Additional bi-lateral, regional, and multilateral trade negotiations are essential to expand markets just as tariff relief (e.g., in tinplate steel used in food cans) is critical to maintaining competitive domestic production.

- Renewing Presidential Trade Promotion Authority is critical for enhanced ag exports and trade agreements.

Regulatory Reform

- We support regulatory reform and new policy development based on data and science. The agri-food industry plays an essential role in sustaining healthy air, land, and water and can continue to enhance climate adaptation and mitigation,  but only if policies are based on data and science.

- Federal regulatory authority is essential in today’s complex industries: Local and state preemption of federal  requirements, particularly in cases unsupported by data and science, must be avoided.


- Agriculture and food are critical infrastructure that keeps Americans fed and our global economy moving. The agri-food sector also relies on investment in other infrastructure (bridges, roads, rail, river, broadband, etc.)

- AgriGrowth strongly supports federal investment in community infrastructure including accessible and affordable broadband and internet connectivity, childcare, health care, and housing.

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